Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Updated Cozies!!

Major Update! I mess up so you don't have to :)

So in the last post on Cup Cozies I said that I was going to do fancy ones for girls and plain stockinette ones for boys...and then I made the fancy ones are realized that the plain ones weren't stretchy enough to fit over a cup!! I've been working with heavy yarns or worsted yarns doubled and size 9 double points, and I would recommend 30 or more cast on stitches. Increasing three stitches every inch is still good, but be very careful about the cast off! If it's too tight, it will end up being the bottom of the cup, even if you have increased. To keep the cast on loose, either don't pull anything tight or go up a couple sizes of needle to cast off...or both! I've also been told that there are streachier cast-offs available...but I haven't tried any yet! Maybe for my next project...

Maybe if you still can't keep the cast-off loose you can turn the whole project on its head and knit from the top down? That way the stiff cast-off could be the bottom of the cup, no problem. If you still want to do increases you would start with 36 stitches and DECREASE by three stitches every inch.

Good luck!! Stay crafty ;)

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