Friday, December 11, 2009

Cup Cozies

Last night I started on my brother's knitted gift, these fancy little cup cozies for disposable cups that he can keep in his truck. I was surprised at how quick they knitted up, and I'm planning on doing a lot more than I originally thought-- Especially because they take up my scrap yarn! The pattern suggests adding cool designs into the fabric to make it a little fancier. I left that part out for the ones I made for my brother, but if I do many more, I might look into it!

She has some other great ideas for turning the cozies into great office gifts, too...check it out!

The picture shows a red cozy with worsted yarn, 27 stiches cast on size 2 needles. The brown is worsted with 36 stitches cast on, and the blue is a chunky yarn with 30 stitches. I increased three stitches every inch, evenly spaced through the rows. Very very happy with this pattern :)

Edit: Updated!

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