Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holy Bliss!!

I am finally finished with my red sweater!! I swear, I have been working tirelessly on this thing for nearly three whole months and it feels so good to get it done.

While the sweater (the Basic Black Cardigan on was fairly simple, the button band gave me half a dozen problems. If I ever do another sweater, I am going to have to try something else, because my cast off is just too tight for a button band to be practical. My knitting group suggested casting off out of pattern and with a size larger needles, and after a good blocking that seemed to work fine.

I was just too sick of it to want to get it just perfect without blocking, and I figure there's nothing wrong with a blocked band.

The picture is a close up of the button band and the cute buttons I found at JoAnn's. No full pictures until after Mommy unwraps it at Christmas!!

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