Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow Day

When Daddy told me we were going to the snow I got really excited despite my dislike of snow and the cold, because I thought it would be the perfect chance to make something! My original plan was to make a snow castle (a couple of turrets, a nice big wall, maybe a tiny dragon...) but it turns out the snow was way too dry to build anything with, so the best I could do was a snow angel...

But I still want to talk about snow!! There are some really cool things you can try, like loading up a spray bottle with cold water and food coloring to give a snow man clothes or adding old clothes to him. Plus, there's this really cool thing where you put a coat on a snowman and the snow under the coat melts slower than everything else because of the insulation the coat provides.

I wanted to do a castle because I love sand castles, but I always have a hard time getting sand to do what I want, and snow is a lot more malleable...when it's wetter than it was when we went. Maybe even try taking your beach toys and see what happens!

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