Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dollar Store Wrapping

I know earlier I did a post on FREE wrapping, but if you don't feel too creative, the dollar store is another great place to buy wrapping paper. We bought 6 rolls of wrap, 4 boxes, a bag of white tissue paper, 4 rolls of cellophane, and a huge roll of ribbon for less than 15 dollars. The only thing to be careful of is the amount of paper on each roll. While a regular priced roll of paper wraps multiple gifts, a dollar store roll might wrap two gifts-- if they're small. The only main benefit of this is that you can do several gifts in all different wrapping and not have tons left over.

Mom uses dollar store wrap as a medium for making Christmas boxes. She picks up the wooden boxes from Micheals and then paints glue over the pictures cut from the paper. This way, the box is just as cool of a gift as the thing inside!

Many many ways to make cheap paper go a long way :)

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