Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Wrapping

So, as a college student, I have a fairly tight budget and I'm always looking for pretty ways to save money. I personally think that Christmas wrap is a great place to save. This year, I took only materials I already had around the house to use for wrap. There are a few I'd like to point out; The wine bottle is wrapped in the brown paper bag that the store slips it into when they give it to you. My brother just added the bow, which is a ribbon we had around from last year. The package with snowflakes is a bag from Urban Outfitters that i added snowflakes to (made from computer paper) and punched holes in the top to add ribbon. All the other gifts are wrapped with brown paper grocery bags, which I cut flat before wrapping with them. Because the paper is so thick, the tape doesn't stick very well, which means that the ribbon is actually key to holding the package together (which I rather like). I've also used paint and glitter to decorate instead of ribbon.

I would like, when I have kids, to do this again, except make a big project with it. I would cut sponges into stamps and use green, red, blue, and white paint and let the kids decorate the paper. Let it dry, and wrap it up! That way, the wrapping is just as special as the gift.

There is just no limit to the fabulous things that can be done with no money at all :)

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