Friday, December 18, 2009

Salt Dough Ornaments

I am so excited about Christmas!! Today we made salt ornaments, 4 cups of flour, 2 cups of salt, and 2 cups of water-- but a half batch would have been plenty! I got lots of ideas from here but some of my favorites are where i painted the ornament a solid color and then sprinkled things on them. Watered down paint looks great with salt, and regular paint looks really cool with flour sprinkled on them. I also love doing garlands of salt dough ornaments, but I had to be careful to make sure they're not too heavy. This was a really fun family activity; there's nothing harmful in the dough, and it's really entertaining. Plus, it's a cheap way to decorate a tree, and having ornaments on the tree made by the children makes them feel important!! All together successful :)

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