Saturday, December 12, 2009

Birthday Not-Cake

So at knitting group today, we're halfway celebrating my friend, Stacey's, birthday. I thought it would be appropriate to do something special for her, but was a little challenged to find something "birthday-ish" that would fit within her diet-- and she is SO proud of herself, I didn't want to ruin the solution? I decided to put together a pretty bowl of fruit for her "birthday cake". It's beautiful, AND it tastes good-- plus it's healthy! I picked a good variety of pears, apples, and oranges, plus a small box of raspberries, because it gave a range of colors and flavors. Plus, it took me a fraction of the time baking a cake would have, AND I spend less than twenty dollars. Not bad, not bad... :)

Today we're firing our kiln... I'll post pictures of the results tomorrow!

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