Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winter Decorations

So I have a policy about Christmas decorations. And this policy is subject to change as soon as I have children, but here's the policy as it stands today:

No Christmas decorations (or music) until after December 1st. Christmas decorations must be taken down by New Years day. No, seriously.

But I'm all for decorating for "winter" between times. Which means pine and red and blue and white are all fair game after Thanksgiving and until the end of winter.

So here's my winter decorations :)

And the coolest part? I didn't spend any money :) The pine branches came from our local tree lot, and I guess they give them out for free :D and the rest of the decorations came from my aunt. I'm way lucky :)


  1. Love the free decorations!

  2. Me too!...but I have a bad habit of over-indulging after I get something free :/ "Well, since I didn't have to spend money on THAT I can afford to spend more money on THIS..."

    But lately I've been over-indulging on Christmas gifts, so I guess that works out well :)