Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Seriously, today marks the First birthday of my blog :) Cool, right?

The blog was started as a way for me to keep track of what I like to do and don't like to do, ideas for future projects and ways that things haven't worked in the past. I will still for sure keep doing that (it's fun for me, and useful, too) but I have some goals for improving it.

1. Photography. I took a photo developing class in high school, but it was all about the darkroom experience, and not about what to do before you get to the darkroom. I would love to take a couple classes on composing photos, because I think it would be hugely beneficial to my blog...but also a lot of fun :)

2. Social Networking. I think since my original intention of the blog was to keep track of things I've done, and not to share with other people, I tend to shorten instructions and tutorials with the knowledge that I'll know how to do things later and won't need such detailed instructions. But I would like others to be able to replicate the things I do, so I want to focus more on that. The problem is, if I focus on each post more, I'll have to post less that ok, or should I stick with daily posts? I'm just not sure. I have so many ideas that they'll never all be posted if I don't post daily. Such a hard balance...

3. Customization. I pulled a background from one of those "free layouts" websites, but all the blogs I love to read (like Elsie's A Beautiful Mess and Le Wedding Party and Violet's The Quiet Life of Violet) have the most beautiful photographic headers. I want to do that! But first I have to learn #1!

There's always lots of other things I want to learn, but I think I have to keep it simple and not drive myself crazy with being inadequate :p I'm having fun, though...always :) And that's what matters!

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