Friday, December 3, 2010

Menu 11/16

Wednesday: Crispy Garlic Chicken from No More Than 5 Ingredients. We made this a couple weeks ago, and I have a notation in my cook book that it was "awesome". But you know what? I don't remember it. Pathetic.

Thursday: Fried Rice from More Than a Cook Book. I adore fried rice. It is my favorite meal every time we go to Chinese food. Favorite favorite favorite. I will literally only order fried rice for my dinner. This recipe was not fried rice. It was rice cooked like normal with vegetables and shrimp added. How can you possibly make fried rice without frying the rice? Pathetic.

Friday: Enchilada stuffed shells, from Taste of Home. We love manicotti, so we thought we'd try another recipe that uses manicotti shells and see if we like it as much. Nope. But that doesn't mean this wasn't super tasty, it really was :) Just not nearly as good as manicotti...

Saturday: Bacon-Blue cheese stuffed burgers from Taste of Home Magazine Oct. and Nov. 2010. We looooooved this recipe. I had never made my own burgers before, so I was a little iffy (plus we don't have a grill so we had to do ours in the oven) but man these were amazing. It was blue cheese, and bacon bits put between two thin patties which were then pressed together and cooked, with sauteed mushrooms over it. Oooh man so yummy.

Sunday: French Onion Soup from Good Cookin w/ Good Friends. No silly, not out of a can. We made it starting with onions :) And it was so fun! I don't like onions, and I even loved this soup! Pretty amazing :)

Monday: Stuffed Mushrooms.  We didn't use a recipe for this :)
Wash and de-stem large mushrooms (we did 12 and still had filling left over)
Mix 4 oz cream cheese, a cup of chopped shrimp, a cup of bread crumbs, and a 1/2 cup of parmesan.
Stuff mushrooms. Bake for 15-25 mins at 325.

Delicious :) AND simple!

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