Thursday, December 2, 2010

San Francisco Bead and Design Show

This is something fun Nick and I did a few weekends back :) We got a postcard in the mail that got us in to the Show for free, so we just got to see all the pretty things. There were a couple things that I thought were worth mentioning: one I couldn't find a card for, but she did cool enamel flowers on bracelets and hair pins, and watch part necklaces and bracelets. Very pretty :)

2. Elemental Adornments. The bird houses and journal necklaces are sooo pretty. I would get in one a heartbeat! If I could afford it :/

3. Fabric into Jewels. This was a super cool shop where the artist builds her pendants out of cloth and beads, soaks them in a glue, and then when they dry slices them into beads. It makes for some very beautiful pieces!

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