Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fun Christmas Events

I love this season! I think it is so much fun to spend time with family, plan cool Christmas gifts for people, and do lots and lots of baking (not that I don't do that anyway).

Now that we live in San Francisco, a whole array of cool things are available to us that weren't before. So my Aunt Linda, Oma, Nick and I went to tea at the Palace Hotel. And it was so much fun :)

We got yummy tea cakes and our choice of hot loose leaf tea in our own tea pot and pretty one-bite desserts, plus Mr. Nicholas and I each got a crown and scepter :D Pretty sure the whole thing is geared toward kids (at least the package we bought) but I didn't care, I was having a blast. And we even got a photo with Santa :)

Other fun events on the itinerary this year: Birthday Dinners (yes, two of them!) for Mr. Nicholas, Napa Valley (there's no better way to celebrate turning 21 years old!), two Christmas celebrations, Gingerbread House Competition (yay!) most of which end up being not-houses, and maybe a drive through the best and worse Christmas Decorations in Fresno. Yay! Who in the world doesn't love Christmas :)

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