Sunday, December 5, 2010

Menu 11/23

So this was a really short menu (because of Thanksgiving) but we still spent a lot of money...

Tuesday: Sicilian Meat Roll from More Than a Cook Book. Now, maybe I'm a food snob or something, but I like my food to LOOK good as well as taste good. Really, I think it's possible to ruin a perfectly good-tasting meal by having it look like it was thrown up out of a angry cookie monster on steroids. Sicilian Meat Roll was Uuhg-ly. So I hated it. Even though it tasted half-way decent. (But only half way).

Friday: Manicotti. We made this dinner for my future Mother in Law and her boyfriend, my future brother in law and his girlfriend, and the two of us. And it was so much fun :) Everyone was super appreciative and thanked us over and over...I love cooking for people :) (Especially when what I cook doesn't look like Sicilian Meat Roll). This is why we spent so much money-- cooking for groups gets expensive :/

Monday: Lazy Lasagna, from Taste of Home. I would like to rename this dish "Baked Pasta Dish." Because it was not lasagna. I have a theory (stop me if I'm wrong) that if you try to get lazy with lasagna, you're no longer working with lasagna. Just a personal theory though, you know.

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