Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Updated Doilies 6

You recognize these, of course. As you can see, I ran out of pink yarn, which brings me to a standstill (for now). I put a knot in the last stitch and will undo it when I have more yarn to use to finish this last pink one.

Although I'm out of these two yarns that were my original stash, you'll be happy to know that these doilies are made in the same weight yarn as the brown sweater! So when I'm done with that, I will have (maybe) some brown to tone down these baby soft colors.

I think I am supposed to not like combining different fibers, but I am pretty sure I will like how the fuzzy alpaca goes with the smooth acrylic. And you know what I like best about yarn crafts? If I don't like it, I just pull it out and use the alpaca somewhere else. Voila!

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