Monday, March 8, 2010


I've never made Lasagna before, but I though I'd give it a try, because it can't be all that difficult, can it?

Turns out, while it's not difficult, it is rather time consuming, and a little more difficult without a full kitchen. It's also not exactly the cheapest thing I could have made, but it is extremely filling, so it's lasting us for several meals.

We started with a recipe from, a website I use frequently. I would estimate we spent about 30$ on the ingredients, although we did have to buy most of the spices, which most people would already have in their kitchen.

One of the major problems we ran into is that we didn't have a pot big enough to cook the noodles in, so unless you have a stew pot, you'll have fun (like me!) trying to push partially cooked lasagna noodles into a sauce pan without burning yourself. We also used used a fairly small skillet for the meat sauce, which was a pretty close thing (but we avoided any calamity).

If I were to make this as a full meal (for the sake of money, this is all we ate that night) I would probably make a salad and serve it with bread. The recipe suggests Sangiovese with this dinner. We had water, but I'm sure any red would be brilliant.

Have fun!

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