Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chocolate Cake

So I obviously enjoy making cakes. This is a simple boxed devil's food cake with seedless blackberry preserves.

I use tricks my mom taught me. I bake two 8 inch rounds and then use thread to cut the rounded portion off one of them (I try to keep the prettier of the two halves rounded, so the top of the cake is more evenly rounded). Although I've heard that the 'right' way to do cakes it to have the top flat, I prefer a rounded cake. I suppose it makes it look more home made?

After the cakes are completely cooled I spread the filling and stack the cakes. I was going to cover the whole thing in white frosting, but then I ran out, and sent my boyfriend to buy more.

Sadly, Walgreens carries only chocolate frosting, so I did my best to cover the top in white, and then covered the rest in chocolate. I tried to make an impromptu frosting bag out of a sandwich bag, but I don't recommend trying it. Turns out, sandwich bags have a tucked edge, so when I cut the corner out, I ended up with two holes.

But for being a random compilation of whatever we could find (the sprinkles are from the German Chocolate Cupcakes) I don't think it turned out that bad at all!

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