Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jack Skellington

So of course, since I was Sally for Halloween, Nick had to be Jack Skellington!


Here, Mr. Nicholas is pinning tails to his tux jacket (we were lucky he already owned a tux from high school).

I added chalk stripes to his tux pants, and we took them in with safety pins so his legs would look longer.

And here's his bow tie-- we used a hanger for the main structure, a black cloth cut to shape and drawn on with chalk, and backed it with black paper so it would be stiff.

Here's the tie with his jacket (also with chalk lines) and a white tee. 

And here's Mr. Nicholas working on his mask, which is just a piece of jersey with ties on it.

I'll be sure to add pictures from the day of Halloween a little later so you can see us both together :)

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