Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Menu, 10/13

I forgot to post the last, like, bajillion menus. I'm terrible, I know. So I'll try to spread them out over a few days so you're not inundated with how awesome my meal planning skills are :D

Monday: Pasta with tomato sauce. This meal was particularly  awesome because I made my own pasta sauce from scratch. Using tomatoes. Yeah, I'm that cool sometimes.

Tuesday: Baked ham, from More Than a Cook Book. This was kind of fun, because I had never made a ham before, but it was pretty simple. I just covered it in honey and threw it in the oven. Ta-da, honey baked ham. (It was pre-cooked, so there was honestly no skill involved).

Wednesday: Leftovers. :)

Thursday: Sausage Pecan Stuffing from Taste of Home. Honey-baked ham on Tuesday, stuffing on Thursday. It's almost like I was celebrating Thanksgiving in October. I loved this recipe because I got to use pecans given to us by Mr. Nicholas' Mom :)

Friday: Rice dinner

Saturday: Artichoke Chicken. No More Than 5 Ingredients. We took all the ingredients for this meal to my Mom's house to cook. It turned out being really fun to come into her home at 6pm and take over her kitchen to make her, her husband, and my brother a dinner from scratch by 7 :) I highly recommend taking over people's kitchens!

Sunday: Focaccia. We did rosmary, olive oil, and olives :) Delicious!

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