Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Sally Dress

This is my Sally dress (from Nightmare before Christmas):


I used a regular dress and sewed on the patches of broadcloth (from JoAnn's) using a picture of Sally from the movie as a reference. I used a permanent marker to replicate the patterns on her patches. But the yellow was too bright for my taste so I tried soaking it in coffee.


And when that didn't get me anywhere, I tried some stronger coffee.

And I guess that worked a little bit...

But I still wasn't entirely happy, so I brewed up a potio...I mean, I threw some stuff in a pot...

Which included several tea bags, strong coffee...

Food coloring, red wine vinegar, and cocoa powder. It was marvelous! Just kidding, it smelled awful, and it didn't look much better.


And so this is how my dress looks now (after a good rinse to get rid of the smell. And the taste. Not that I tasted it.):

Let's do a side by side comparison, shall we?

Weird, if I didn't know better, I would say nothing had been done at all :-/

I'll be sure to update with photos from Halloween day, so you can see how I look standing next to Mr. Jack Skellington :)

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