Sunday, November 28, 2010

Menu 10/26

Tuesday: Taco Beef Skillet Dinner: More Than a Cook Book. This recipe was funny-- it was exactly like hamburger helper, except we made it from scratch instead of out of a box :)

Wednesday: Baked Omelet Roll., Taste of Home. This recipe was terrible, I'm sorry. It was supposed to be a baked egg dinner with cheese rolled into it. It was super bland. Super super super bland.

Thursday: Chicken w/ Raspberry Balsamic Reduction. I don't remember where this came from, and it's a good thing. It was awful.

Friday: Leftovers

Monday: Manicotti. This was our special celebration dinner-- while we were writing this menu, I got an offer for my dream job :) So we made Manicotti to celebrate how amazing things can be sometimes :)

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