Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Menu 11/2

Tuesday: Quiche, More Than a Cook Book. I love Quiche. But I suck at making it. I didn't think to chop up the filling really small, and it turned out watery. Oh well, maybe I can try again some other time.

Wednesday: Tuscan Soup, Taste of Home. This was great, spinach, tomato, butter beans :)

Thursday: Rice Dinner

Friday: Chicken Pieces w/ Lemon and Rosemary. This was one of the only good recipes from the user's manual of our crock pot.

Saturday: Chicken nuggets, No More Than 5 ingredients. This is my favorite chicken nuggets recipe, because it mixes Parmesan cheese into the breading :)

Sunday: Tomato Bisque: from Rumford's Complete Cook Book. It was fun to make a soup from tomatoes :) I really enjoy cooking things from scratch that I thought had to be started out of a can!

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