Monday, November 22, 2010

Fried Apple Pies

I went to my Mom's house weekend before last to visit Yosemite (which is beautiful in the fall, take a look:

...I love it when evergreens and fall colors are right next to each other :) )

So anywho, one of the things that almost always happens when I go to visit my Mom is we cook something. I mean, it's hard to avoid cooking when you have to eat three meals a day, but we make a point to cook something special, somehow (am I making much sense?).

And this time, I had been looking through my Taste of Home magazine and saw these amazing apple desserts, including stuffed apples, apple sauce, apple pie...and texted my Mom that we should make something apple. (Yes, my Mom texts. Is your mom that cool?)

And it turns out that she was in the mood for fried pies. So we made fried apple pies :) We cored and sliced some apples and cooked them down with some spices and added in a rue to make it thick...and then we wrapped them in egg flour wraps (like what you use for egg rolls) and fried them in a hot skillet :)


They smelled so delicious and fall-like, and they tasted pretty wonderful :) It's like a rule-- I have to cook something when I go to see my Mommy :)

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