Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cat Treats

So me and Mr. Nicholas have a new family member :) (no, not a baby, silly)

Her name is Lady Grey, and my goodness what a sweetheart she is. She loves catnip and she loves to scratch and she loves to lay on my back while I sleep. Silly girl.

And recently I found a bunch of cool recipes for pets, so I decided to try one (the "Kitty Treats" with bullion). They ended up looking like this:


And, as it turns out, my cat could not care less. Yup. And I made a double batch, too. Fun.

So I'm taking half to Mr. Nicholas' Mom, who has two cats (and maybe they'll like them?) and the other half to my Mom's, who also has two cats. I'm thinking about trying another recipe, but I need to go buy some tuna. Or sardines. Or canned salmon. So Miss Lady will have to wait until we go grocery shopping.

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