Thursday, September 16, 2010

Menu 9/13 to 9/19

Monday: Pork Stew. This was one of those meals where you have things in the fridge you want to use up, so you throw them all in one pot and see what happens. We used corn, peas, pork, beans, potatoes, beef bullion, and threw in a few herbs/spices, and actually turned out tasty! What a win :)

Tuesday: Chow Mein. This was a recipe from our "More Than a Cook Book" cook book (redundant, I know) and we were honestly not that impressed. We've renamed it "Americanized Chow Mein" or "Chow Mein Casserole" because the recipe ended up being ground beef with vegetables and chow mein noodles baked over it. Not really the vibe we got from the title...

Wednesday: Pizza. I know, I know, I already work at a pizza place and probably have more pizza than one girl needs, but this was such a fun dinner to cook together. We found a dough recipe online and put chicken, tomatoes, bell pepper, and mushrooms over a pesto sauce and mozzarella/cheddar blend. The pizza turned out really fantastic, and I plan on making pizza again sometime!

Thursday: Leftover night. We're heading to Nick's Mom's tonight, so we're going to eat straight out of the fridge so we can get on the road quickly!

Friday: Dinner with family.

Saturday: Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwiches. This is from my Taste of Home cook book, and it looks like a pretty good recipe. I think it lends itself more to summer than to fall, so it's a good thing we're making it the Saturday before the first day of the new season!

Sunday: Tuna Veggie Casserole. This one is also from More Than a Cook Book. The recipe book seems kind of hit or miss; sometimes the dinners are fantastic, and other times I'm dissipointed by how bland things turn out. We'll see about this one.

You might notice that some of the recipes seem to be repeated from last week-- every once in a while something happens that causes us to put off a dinner till another night, and so I just transfer it onto the next week's menu to help myself keep track...and so that I have a record of what we had each day (I save every menu and every receipt from grocery shopping in a binder together...really!)

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