Sunday, September 12, 2010

Handmade Paper

Another fun craft Mom and I did when I visited her is make our own paper! Nick and I are very interested in using handmade paper for a...special future project, let's call it. So I wanted to see what would go in to making a very large batch of it.

Our first batch was made with three sheets of white, a sheet of blue paper, and a sheet of green paper.

To make the pulp, we blended one sheet of paper with four cups of water using the "liquefy" setting. Then we set the paper making screen into the pulpy water, and slowly pulled it out to drain the water, leaving a layer of pulp. After that, the remaining water has to be squeezed out, while the sheet of paper is still between the two screens, using a sponge.

After the water is mostly gone, one screen can be removed, and the paper transferred to a cloth.

Where another cloth can be placed on top and the dampness ironed out.

Finally the cloth can be removed, and the paper ironed directly.

The process was fairly long, but very enjoyable, and I had fun playing with the colors. I eventually added a sheet of yellow to the original mix, and then my Mom added lavender, and I added several sheets of white, just to play with the color. When we were out of that pulp, we started a whole new batch with only white paper, and flower seeds and petals. 

My brother pointed out that ironing flower seeds would prevent them from sprouting, so if I wanted the paper to sprout when planted, I would have to let the page air dry, and find a way to press out the water instead of heat drying it.

Here's our final batch of paper:

Pretty, huh? I'm really happy with the results, and am looking forward to trying more ideas!

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