Monday, September 6, 2010

Menu 9-6 through 9-11

So on Friday when we were supposed to write another menu...I got lazy and decided I would rather not :/ Instead we wrote one today, after getting back from our weekend at Mom's.

Monday: Manicotti Pasta, recipe winged entirely from our heads. Usually this goes really poorly, because neither of us are stellar cooks, but this one turned out ok. We took the Manicotti filling from last week, some ground beef, and a can of pasta sauce and mixed it with some cooked pasta, sprinkled cheese over it and baked it for 20 minutes. Turned out pretty good, for having no idea what we were doing!

Tuesday: Apple breaded chicken, recipe...winged again. We had extra filling from the night we did apple stuffed chicken breasts, and we wanted to use it up. We'll cover the chicken with butter or egg, and then cover with the filling to make something (we hope) edible.

Wednesday: Rice dinner.

Thursday: Pork stew, recipe...yeah, we'll wing this one too. We had pork chops in the fridge we wanted to use up, and potatoes, so all we had to buy is carrots, and we'll throw in some bullion...hopefully it will turn out great!

Friday: Leftover night.

Saturday: Chow Mein from More than a Cook Book. You can probably tell that this week we were trying to use up some things we already had in our fridge. This is the only night we're actually planning on cooking from scratch, but I think it will be a nice break from the usual lengthy recipes.

We didn't plan a meal for Sunday, because we're having visitors!! Very excited about that :)

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