Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Freezer Jam!

Yesterday I made my first batch of freezer jam ever and not only was it super fun, it was also easy and delicious (bonus!).

We decided to use strawberries, because they're one of Nick's favorites. The recipe is:

One packet of freezer pectin,
Four cups of crushed fruit
One and a half cups of sugar.

Instructions are on the back of the packet (that link is literally the exact brand I used) but you mix the sugar and the pectin together, and then you add the crushed fruit and mix for three minutes.

I figure most people would crush their fruit in a blender, but because Nick and I don't own one (sad) I sat there with a cheese grater and a fork, and grated and mashed the fruit by hand. It took ages, but I was so happy with the results I have no complaints!

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