Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rag Rug Doily

I love love this idea. First take a bed sheet you don't need. Fitted or flat, satin, cotton, or jersey, whatever you have that you don't need. Now tear it into strips and string it all together to make yourself...yarn. Yeah, you're about to knit with an old sheet. How awesome is that?

So I made a doily mat using this pattern my boyfriend found online (and which was also on Ravelry-- very handy) and now it's next to my bed so that every morning I step out onto a rug instead of the wooden floors :)


Isn't it pretty? here's a close up of the detail:

The artist displays her half-circle version as a door step, and several other knitters made theirs as full-circle rugs.

The large needles and bulky sheet-yarn are difficult to work with, but I am of the opinion that the final result is well worth the effort!

I have one more sheet that I can use, and I'm lucky that this artist has a second rag rug pattern! I look forward to using that one, too :)

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