Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nantucket Baskets

Ever heard of a Nantucket basket? No? Well that's ok, because as of a month ago, neither had I! But in Tennessee, one of my relatives (Geni tells me she is my first cousin twice removed, but it makes more sense to call her my aunt) taught me to make a basket. I won't bother to explain how they're made, because this website does it better, but there are some things I want to mention (after pictures, of course!).

Making a basket is a lot of fun, and takes more than a little patience. While I do wish that everyone could learn how to do it, unfortunately this is a fairly expensive craft. The molds alone are 50$ a pop, and then you have to buy the cane, the spokes, the bottoms, and the rims, plus lids, handles, and clasps for the fancier types. The best way to learn (other than taking a class where the entrance fee includes the materials) is to meet someone who does it and is willing to let you use their mold.

Anyway, weaving a basket is lots of fun...but it makes me want to learn to weave cloth even more!

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