Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kitchen Window Treatments

When I first moved in, I didn't have curtains that fit the kitchen window, and the sun coming in during evenings (right as we're washing dishes, usually) was absolutely blinding. To solve the problem temporarily, we put up a fitted bed sheet.


(P.S. You can see my air orchid hanging in the window-- I have two of them, and they're the only house plants I can keep alive!!)

So originally the plan was to take some of the floor length curtains I had and make it into Austrian Blinds...without buying any supplies. Needless to say, I had to find a new plan after failing miserably.

So when my Oma came to visit, she helped me make these instead:



This was really simple: we just took two store bought, floor length curtains that matched and cut them to the length of the window, plus a couple inches. We hemmed them, and hung them. Now I have an open window when I want the light, and a closed window when I'm blinded while doing dishes. Perfect!

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