Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ugly Bowl

So here's another testament to my not-always-perfect creative eye. This little beast was supposed to be my Valentines Day gift to my boyfriend...Until it turned out ugly. I was using instructions from my book and it had this cool idea to embed things into salt dough before baking it.

So I was going to make my boyfriend this cool bowl he could leave on his desk for change or paper clips or that sort of small thing, but the only bowl I could find as a form was too big! But I decided maybe it would be ok anyway, so I made it (remember the salt dough recipe?) and started baking it with an embedded chain around the base.

Half an hour later, I check its progress and the whole thing is slipping! I had to add more clay to the base of the bowl, entirely covering the chain, just to maintain its shape!

Even after fixing that, all the rest of the embeded pieces fell out, and I had this very plain, way too big bowl. AND it cracked! So I decided, to make it more than a clay bowl, I would add a different kind of embellishment-- Cloth! Cloth ribbon to cover the crack, some cording to add to the top...Ta Da!! Hideousness!

I will have to try again, because this thing is way too ugly to force on anyone.

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