Thursday, January 28, 2010

Problems with Salt Clay

So I thought I'd present one more problem I had with salt clay that you might have also. At the same time I made that bowl, I was also baking a flat round piece that I was going to paint and present as another gift.

However, it came out of the oven bowed, even though the cookie sheet stayed flat. If you do want to make something flat, I'm thinking you might have to weigh it down with something, or maybe flip it half way through the bake time.

Also, the instructions I was using recommended baking for 9 hours. The original bowl and the round piece were both left in for about 10, and the bowl I'll post about tomorrow was left in for 11...and burnt. I still like it, but that might be some useful information to know.

Hope your projects come out more successful than mine!

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