Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Relationship Scrapbook

I love doing scrapbooks, but if you don't keep up on photos, it can be a little overwhelming. When I'm scrap booking old photos, I go through them and pile them into "general" categories, like Christmas Photos, Vacation Photos, or School Portraits, etc.

My favorite way to do scrapbooks, through, is by keeping up with current photos. For example, this one is from mine and my boyfriend's relationship scrapbook. Every time we're together (since we live apart) we take photos and I print the best ones. These I put in a scrapbook for us to remember everything we do together.

When we do live together, I am hoping to update the scrapbook on a "once a month" basis with my favorite photo from that month. This way, the scrapbook will grow different as our lives grow different, with new homes, new lifestyles, and children. I also keep one for my Mom and one for my Dad, which I update on Mother's and Father's day. These scrapbooks contain photos from the various things we've done together in that year. I'll make sure to post photos from those next time I update them :)

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