Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentine's Day Cards!

Happy Valentine's Day!...Ok, I know it's not February yet, but if you're going to hand make everything, you have to start early!

These cards are made with precut card and envelope  packages from Michael's, and stickers from Target's dollar spot. I made about 10 cards for about 20$, and compared to 3$ a card at Hallmark, I think that's pretty good-- Plus I had the fun of making them!

I think that this is a good thing for kids to do, too. If they feel like they have to buy the packaged Valentines cards for their classmates, at least encourage them to make some for their closest friends, relatives, or teachers. Handmade cards are very sweet, and it doesn't force a teacher or relative to store something.

I like the mix of textures and prints and colors. I have some true red, bright pink, and pale pinks, cardboard stickers, layered stickers, metallic stickers, and traditional flat stickers. It makes the whole thing just a little more interesting.

I'll be posting the gifts I make too-- so keep an eye out for those!

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