Saturday, January 2, 2010

Carol the Wild Thing

So you know I learned to crochet and I have finally finished my first project! Meet Carol, from this pattern. One of the few times I don't heavily alter a pattern! However, I did change the way I made horns and claws. Instead of making them with clay as suggested, I bought beads made from shell to use. That cut down the time necessary for the project, and it was one less frustration.

The only reason I needed to avoid a frustration was because the hair took ages. I put each piece of yarn on his head individually, and that looked really good, although it did take longer than I would have wanted. Next time I want to do an animal with hair, I'll have to look up other, less tedious, ways to do it.

Anyway, I do love crocheting, and I suggest if you're learning to pick a stuffed project to work on. Stuffed animals generally have all the basic stitches with none of the fancy design work, so it's the best way to learn the normal stitches.

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