Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentines Day Bowl

Success!! So after the miserable failure that was the first bowl, I decided to err toward simplicity. I found a cute tiny metal bowl marketed for making individual cakes, and I used that as my form. I then decided to "decorate" it by using food coloring while mixing the dough, instead of paint.

While it did burn, leaving the inside an odd brown color, I'm still happy with the overall appearance. I think it might have been interesting to even use several different dyed pieces to weave or fold together, for some color variation. I added my color when I did the water, but I also wonder how it would have looked if I had added it after the dough was formed. Maybe a marble would be pretty.

There's lots of variations for this one, and I think it allows for a wide variety of gifts and pieces. Hope you have fun experimenting!

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