Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sewing Frustration

So the last time I mentioned doilies I talked about how important it is to try not to get frustrated with things, because it ruins the feelings about the whole project. Well let me present a project that was ruined by me getting frustrated:

So, this was going to be a journal cover for my mom. She loves history, and she really enjoys Egypt, so I was going to sew on these little Pyramids. I didn't like how they were turning out when I was sewing them by hand, so I pulled out the machine and I was going to run a thick zigzag around each individual triangle. The first one went fantastic. The second one got sewn in the wrong place.

I couldn't just rip the zigzag and re-place the second triangle, because the cloth was thin enough that all the pin marks were going to throw, and I couldn't figure out how to alter the design in a way that I would still be happy with giving it to someone; so the whole project went in the trash.

Of course, there was probably a better way of fixing the problem than just trashing the whole thing, but I had sewn it in such a way that there was no space for the rest of the picture, and I was unwilling to compromise the view I had of the project into something else, so it just had to go. While I don't reccommend getting this frustrated over a small square of cloth, if it does happen to you I will of course understand!

I, however, will steer clear of the sewing machine!

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