Friday, February 12, 2010

Brownie Pops

So this is another idea that I borrowed from my favorite blog. She took brownies and made them into the cutest bluebirds ever, and I took that idea and made these much more simple brownie pops.

We used a chocolate melter, but a double boiler or one pan inside another would work just fine. We then set out our sugars and dipped the brownies in the chocolate, and then in the sugar.

The main problem we had was with the brownies falling off the stick after the chocolate had been added. I think this was mainly a problem with the pan we used to bake. We had one of the silicone mini cupcake things, and it didn't fit in the oven right. Some of the brownies didn't have the nice crunchy bottom to them, so the sticks slipped right through after they were cooled.

But don't see it as a bad thing! Falling brownie pops just left us with tons to sample, so it's all good!

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