Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thank you, Jan!!

I was spoiled (spoiled!) by Jan, from my old knitting group for the one year anniversary of our knitting group being created!! See?:

Here I am ready to open my package with my knife!!

This is my "ooo" face, because Jan made me a bracelet with her super cool swirly metal work!! And it has tiger's eye in it! It's super pretty.


My favoritest snack ever (this will come in handy on this weekend's camping trip) peanut butter filled pretzels.

GREAT yarn: cotton soy blend!! I'm really excited, I've never worked with soy before.

Cool boxes! I love boxes :)

Aaand this:


Jan said she wanted me to have something that would keep me warm in the blizzards up north, and keep me from starving! So here we are: pretzles AND a headband!! But to avoid bird attacks I had to remove the pretzels :(


But gosh darn it, I look pretty dang cute in this :)

Thank you, thank you Jan!!

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