Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Ex-Sweater Bag

I hope you don't hate in progress project posts, but I thought this was kind of fun. My Aunt brought my Mom a sweater home from Greece when she was studying abroad in the 80s, so of course Mom can't wear it anymore, but also won't throw it away (of course).

So in order that she keep the gift still, I'm going to unravel the sweater and make her a bag with it :) Here's the sweater mid-unravel:

I really love the idea of unraveling sweaters to reuse the yarn, especially when the piece can't be worn, is stained, or torn and can't be fixed. The offending yarn can be cut away and the rest reused for other projects. I even found a knitted beanie on the ground the other day-- free yarn! It's a really nice way to reuse pieces that you either can't or won't give away :)

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