Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Disaster Cake

Now, everyone has been trying very hard to convince me that Disaster Cake isn't so disastrous after all, but that's the name I gave it while I was working on it, so that's the name that stuck.

Here's how it went: It was my birthday, and I wanted to bake a cake (I really like baking). I didn't want to bake a cake so badly that I wanted to do it from scratch, though, so I decided to use a boxed cake mix and canned frosting. So I baked the cakes and set them to cool while I walked over to Whole Foods to buy a can of frosting (Whole Foods is only two blocks from home, so it's pretty logical. When I got the frosting home and the cakes were cooled, I cut each tier in half to fill with preserves, and then stacked them to frost with what Whole Foods apparently thinks is frosting.


But I was not fooled by Whole Foods trying to tell me that this was frosting. It is clearly (clearly) glaze. And why they would market glaze as frosting is beyond me.

So I was pretty dissipointed, but I figured I could save the looks of the cake by buying regular white frosting and spreading it over the weirdness to disguise it, so I walked to Walgreens (about six blocks from home). Then I discovered the Walgreens only sells chocolate frosting (really?).

So here is the finished, "saved" birthday cake:

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