Friday, June 11, 2010

The Joys of a Sewing Machine

I'm not going back on my belief that sewing is not my strong point, but I am glad that I have a machine anyway because it has been amazingly useful in the last month I've been living here. There are some amazing things I can do that would have taken me hours by hand sewing.

For example, I've had this black shirt for years that has a tear in the hem that I've just lived with, because of my irritation at sewing. But I had the machine out the other day, so I just decided to fix it anyway.


See? The seam isn't even visible from the outside of the top, and I used the stretchy stitch, so it stretches with the rest of the hem. I don't plan to go ahead and make every garment I need from now on, but it is nice to have a machine for what I need.

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