Thursday, June 3, 2010

Skirt Band

Not all sewing jobs are glamorous :p I just wanted to show you this one (and one other) because of the stupid things I did thinking it would be an easy project and not doing a lot of thinking. This skirt was about two sizes too big for me, so I was just going to open up the waist band, pull in the elastic, sew up an inch or so of it, and then sew the waist band back up.

Turns out, the skirt was made really well, and not only was the elastic tacked down every few inches to prevent it from buckling, it was also stitched into the edge of the waist band, so I would have had to undo the whole thing to get at the elastic. So (out of frustration-- as usually happens with my sewing) I just folded the waist band and sewed it down.


It doesn't look that great, but since I wear long shirts it will never show, so I'm fine with it. I just wanted you to see that not all sewing projects are successful, and that that's ok!

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