Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Update: The Brown Sweater

I've been working hard on getting the sweater ready for Christmas, but life had other things in mind, and it isn't ready in time; not that I won't be able to get it finished by Christmas (I still have plenty of faith in myself for that) but that the sweater won't be for my Daddy anymore.

Would you like to meet him?


Isn't he handsome? My dad was the most supportive man I've ever met. He was always there to help me, even when he didn't agree with what I was doing. He didn't always love his job, but he loved being able to take care of me and my brother, and he loved the men he worked with.

Last month he took a week off. He spent a few days out of state with his mom and his new wife at a family reunion, and then he came home and got some work done around the house. On September 24th he took some time to work on his motorcycle with my brother. And that night, at the age of 47, my dad had a heart attack and died. 

There's nothing fair about it.

Here's the front panel of the sweater he didn't know I was working on for him.


I'm going to finish it anyway. I've already asked my brother, and he said he would like it. And if you're driving around California and see this decal on someone's car:

Know that someone in that car loves my dad. If it's black, that's a friend. And if it's red, that's family. And if you happen to pass an Edison truck with a red one on it...well then you'll know that that's the truck my dad drove. 

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