Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I love having handmade things around my home that I know don't exist anywhere else in the world, and I thought I'd show you a few of the ones that make me happy.


My brother made me this chalk board for my birthday using a license plate frame the University gave me when I graduated and some chalk board paint.


When Mr. Nicholas and I were still dating long distance, my Oma and I sent him cookies, and this is how I decorated the top of his box. (you can also see the green wrapping paper from his one year anniversary present)


Last Christmas at my Mom's, we made salt dough ornaments, and this handsome fella made by 
nick earned himself a year-round home on one of our cork boards.


This is another gift from my brother-- for my graduation he made me a magnetized spice board with labeled cannisters. Awesome, right?


This one was made by me years ago, and is one of my favorite of the bird houses I've ever made.

Basically, I love having unique handmade items around, and I try to give handmade gifts as often as possible. The most recent was for another swap. I made a leaf scarf, cookies in a jar, and added a skein of yarn.

I plan on handmaking all my Christmas gifts too, as well as hand making the wrap! I think the package is half the fun. This one went in the mail wrapped and decorated.

Fun right? :)

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