Saturday, October 30, 2010


So the other day I showed you what I made for my swap partner; today I'll show you that I am, indeed, spoiled :)


Beautiful burgundy (my favorite!) sock yarn-- enough to make a fantastic shawl, the pattern also a gift from Stacey :)


Cupcake cups and toppers!! Stacey knows I love to bake :)

and the most beautiful gloves-- with some of Stacey's lovely cables! Stacey loves cables, and so hers always turn out so fantastic :)


They're super warm and super soft-- perfect for my new job, where we sometimes don't want to run the heater (since space heaters are so expensive).

Stacey made me feel so love-- and made me miss my knitting group so much! They're all such marvelous people, and I miss my weekly meetings with all of them :)

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