Saturday, July 17, 2010

Card for Daddy

So this shows you how behind I am on posting my crafts: Here is my Father's Day Card! But this could be used for pretty much any holiday, I promise.

I gathered four colors of construction paper (two neutrals and two colors), markers, scissors, an envelope, and some "extras" (yarn, a sea shell, some buttons, a cool tag, and a little heart left over from Valentine's Day).

My first step was to cut the neutral colored construction paper to the size of the envelope. I made sure to leave myself a little room, since I intended the card to be pretty thick. Then I cut the two colored papers a tad smaller than the neutrals.


I made several of each of these so that I would be sure to have plenty of extras if I needed them. (P.S. See my Cup Cozy? It's a love thing :) )

After they were cut, I glued (just with a plain glue stick) one piece of colored construction paper onto each piece of neutral. I decided to keep the colors consistent, so all the greens are glued to white, and the yellows to black.


I had a couple pieces of colored paper left over, so I set them aside. Then I made my "Title Page." I wanted this to be the first page my Daddy saw.

This could be an introduction to a list, like I did here, or the beginning of a story, or even just a name or title, which would leave you with a lot more freedom inside the card. As you can see, I added a small embellishment by stitching over the first letter.

On the next page, I listed my first reason, added another embellishment (buttons this time) and then connected it to the first page, like so:


I kept adding pages, punching holes in the top and bottom and tying them together, to get a longer card.

On the last panel, I went ahead and added a real letter that was less playful.


And then I folded the whole thing accordion-style, so that only the title page was showing:

And tucked it into the envelope.


Remember the remaining sheets of colored paper? I used one to create a "Yay for Daddies" tag on the back:

And I glued the last one on the front of the envelope to make it less plain and boring :)

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out-- especially because my Daddy liked it!

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