Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fixed Found Shirt

Remember the shirt I found on the ground? Well I got around to fixing it. Here's what it looked like before:


Clearly I'm not too happy about how it looks. The first step was to change the collar:

I think just folding back the collar is a good way to make it look younger, without ruining the integrity of the piece (it still has an old-fashioned vibe, without being old-fashioned).

I like to use a contrasting thread, but that's just me. While the first half was simple, the second half required that I remove some buttons.


Then I matched the fold and sewed that side down, too.


The next step is to fix the sleeves. I thought maybe the best thing would be to take out the shoulder pads, but they're not the normal removable ones I'm used to:


So instead I just decided to make the sleeves short. My options were traditional short sleeves, or cap sleeves.

  I decided to start with short sleeves, and then change them if I wasn't happy with the look.


I cut out the extra sleeve:


And tried it on.


Much better! I made the other side the same, finished the edges:


( note that there are better ways to do this), and cut off the excess:


And now it's a wearable top :)

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