Friday, July 16, 2010

Indian Pajamas Dress

You know those really pretty Indian tops you see all over the place? I picked one up several years ago at a Goodwill and thought I could wear it around. The seaming is hand done, and I just imagine that some woman spent hours making it for someone she loved.

But then when I tried to wear it, I got worried that someone would get offended that I was wearing their traditional costume. My Mom actually asked one of her students about it, and she said that was crazy, and she would be honored...but I still felt weird.

So I thought if I took the pretty top and changed it somehow so that I preserved the beautiful embroidery and cloth, but wore it differently, I would feel ok. And so now it's a dress :)

I'm really in love with it. I wear it with a belt, and I feel so pretty :)

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